Problem we solved

The outdated basement of this Cape Cod home was transformed into a stylish entertaining space by the talented team at Ken Moniz Home Improvement. We opened up the space and added features like a kitchen, bar, restored fireplace, pool table, and bathroom, creating a warm and inviting area for the homeowners to host family and friends.

Time Frame

After 3 months of hard work and dedication, the Ken Moniz team completed an incredible basement renovation that fully modernized and refreshed the space. No detail was overlooked—from rerouting plumbing and HVAC to installing new electrical, floors, ceilings, stairs, windows, and doors. The dated fireplace was restored to its former glory, becoming the focal point of the new entertaining area.


For $175,000, the homeowners gained a basement beyond their wildest dreams thanks to the masterful work of Ken Moniz Home Improvement. No renovation detail was too small or too large for their team of experts—they handled everything required to radically transform the space. From initial demolition to final finishing touches, Ken Moniz oversaw the entire intensive 3-month renovation process. Their hands-on approach and meticulous attention to detail ensured the homeowners received the highest quality workmanship while staying within budget.

Customer satisfaction

The homeowners were amazed when they saw the final reveal – a completely revitalized basement providing expanded living space perfect for entertainment and family time. Contact us for your next home improvement project.

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